Motorists concerned over number of oversize loads on Highway 63 [Video]

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Motorists concerned over number of oversize loads on Highway 63 [Video]

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It’s one of the busiest highways in Alberta, and now some motorists are calling for more to be done about the number of oversize loads driving up and down Highway 63.

“There’s just too many wide loads coming down at one time,” said Len Flese, a construction superintendent who takes Highway 63 to and from Fort McMurray every 10 days.

Everything from pipes to houses are hauled up and down the busy stretch of highway on a daily basis. With the number of semi-trucks and vehicles that already use the highway, Flese is concerned with the increasing number of oversize loads he sees during his travels.

“There used to be five, six at a time,” said Flese, who has used the highway regularly for about 12 years. “But now you get 14 to… I’ve seen 22 (in one day) and that was coming down before Christmas.”

He says the massive loads slow down traffic along Highway 63, and is worried about other motorists becoming impatient. Flese says it’s not unusual to see vehicles attempting to squeeze between oversize hauls and other oncoming vehicles.

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