Thoughts on RCMP “safety blitz”

Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Citizens Speak Out | 2 Comments

Written by Adam Cramm

After driving both northbound and southbound on highway 63 this weekend and seeing zero, that’s right, ZERO police cruisers, I am now absolutely convinced the so called “safety blitz” was less to do with safety and more to do with the government of Alberta giving the drivers of highway 63 a black eye and to simply shift responsibility onto them.

Playing politics with the lives of Albertans is unacceptable, irresponsible and quite frankly disgusting behaviour by this government. They have done nothing more then trivialize the importance of holding this government responsible for its commitments to twin this highway. They knew the driving habits of people on this highway when they committed to twinning it 6 years ago and still have done little to change it. Ultimately it is the government’s responsibility to hold these drivers accountable for their actions. Laws are only as effective as how well they are enforced and anybody that drives highway 63 knows that enforcement of laws on 63 is nearly non existent aside from a blitz from time to time.

I’m completely disgusted by this government’s negligence and they have now lost all credibility with me in their ability to govern this province responsibly.


  1. Kathy Grill
    May 22, 2012

    Adam, I’m not at all trying to minimize the importance of gov’t involvement here,but I wanted to say to you that, anyone with a sense of logic knows that the biggest problems of Hwy 63 are the conditions of the road and not just the drivers. There are bad drivers everywhere, we see them each and every day. And they aren’t going anywhere, we will have to deal with them forever. I am not going to try condoning the actions of the RCMP or try to justify why there isn’t consistent patrolling, I just wanted you to know that people that are not near the area but are still supporting the cause to fix that highway, know the main cause is not the drivers. If all Albertans and all Canadians, for that matter, support this cause, neither the gov’t or the RCMP will be able to hide or minimize the importance of getting that hwy twinned and made safer.

    • Adam
      May 23, 2012

      I completely agree with you. This post was not meant to push blame solely on the drivers. There are many factors as to why these accidents happen. This post was basically written to flip the blame back onto government. I was just disgusted by them trying to blame driving behavior like they aren’t responsible for it. When fundamentally, they are fully responsible for that as well. :)


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