Rallying for twinning of Highway 63

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Rallying for twinning of Highway 63

Nahreman Issa, ctvedmonton.ca

They came out in droves, protesting for the twinning of what many call “Alberta’s deadliest highway”. Highway 63 is in the spotlight, after seven people were killed on that stretch of road last week.

Carrying signs that read “Pray for me, I drive 63″ and “Twin 63″, more than 1000 people gathered at MacDonald Island Park in Fort McMurray Saturday to pressure the province to fast track plans for the twinning of the highway.

The rally began with a moment of silence and a short prayer to remember the victims of last Friday’s crash and the others who have perished over the past few years.

One mom shared her story of loss with CTV News. Her son was killed on New Year’s Day in a crash on Highway 63.

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  1. Merle Rowley
    May 5, 2012

    Since the Gov’t committment in 2006 to twin the highway, with what has been done to date, the Goverment should be more than ashamed of themselves, especially when you look at the revenue generation in the AB tax coffers from employees as well as the Oil Sands.
    Nothing I would be proud of if I was a Representative of the Province of AB.


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