Provincial transportation czar tours killer Alberta highway

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Provincial transportation czar tours killer Alberta highway

Photograph by Brendan Miller

By Katie Schneider ,Calgary Sun

After getting a first hand look at deadly Hwy. 63 from the driver’s seat, Alberta’s newly-minted transportation czar says improving the crucial artery to Fort McMurray needs acceleration.

In the midst of complaints about the killer highway and demands to twin it, Ric McIver took a cruise up Hwy. 881 and down Hwy. 63 this past weekend to experience it himself.

“After knowing it’s a priority for the premier and a lot of Albertans I wanted to be able to say I experienced it first hand,” he said.

And he came home with the impression that it’s a road that is crucial to improve, calling it “one of the important priorities” before him.

“If you’re the only one on the road or traffic is light the roads are great, but it’s pretty obvious that if you are in a high traffic area with lots of wide, slow moving loads and lots of other traffic then that would change right away and become frustrating — and some people would be tempted to make bad decisions as has happened in the past and that can cause accidents,” he said.

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  1. Pat Shelley
    May 21, 2012

    It’s great that the minister did the treacherous trip, but, on a long weekend, when the traffic is mimamal and risks are lower, in no way shows how truly Dangerous this “CONSTRUCTION ROAD” really is.

  2. Diana Jahelka
    May 21, 2012

    I agree. He picked the less busy days, even though they can be busy at times. Should have traveled South today.


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