Let’s keep the momentum going

With each event we want to grow in support from the community. We have not even had to contact the media they have been calling us. Tomorrow I am on KRock 100.5 listen between 7:30 am – 9:00 and then mix 103.7 at noon. We are getting local attention as well provincial and national attention. They will be there Saturday so lets make sure we show them what we are all about! Friday I am doing another interview with CBC which will be live on air at noon. Nicole Auser has been doing non stop interviews with CBC, Fort McMurray Today, Edmonton Journal, and CTV.

We are getting heard. Lets just not allow ourselves to become background music and fade away like the governments promises. We need to show the government an example of how you make promises and stick to them. We are promising to get bigger and louder as the days go on. Please come out on Saturday and show them all that we are serious and we will put our money where out mouth is and show up in numbers and that we are getting stronger by the day.

This is our chance to take our own future in our own hands!! We can and we WILL make a difference.

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