Hundreds of charges laid in traffic blitz on Hwy 63

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Hundreds of charges laid in traffic blitz on Hwy 63

Julia Parrish,

RCMP and Alberta Traffic Sheriffs have laid nearly 700 charges, after a four-day effort to promote safe driving on one of Alberta’s most notorious highways.

Officers from RCMP, extra traffic sheriffs were deployed on Highway 63 between Thursday, May 3 and Sunday, May 6 – between Redwater and Fort McMurray.

Over the weekend blitz, officers laid a total of 663 charges, including:

  • 552 speeding violations
  • 95 violations, including dangerous driving
  • 4 alcohol-related violations and one 24-hour suspension
  • 4 seatbelt or child restraint infractions
  • 8 violations from having no insurance to driving while suspended

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  1. NicoleAuser
    May 7, 2012

    On Sunday, I was driving from Fort McMurray to Edmonton. A Pontiac car with a Nova Scotia license plate passed me going about 125 km/hr. A little while later, I saw him pulled over by an RCMP officer. I was glad to see he got caught speeding.

    Unfortunately, two hours later, the same driver passed me again – still going about 125 km/hr. Speeding tickets just don’t seem to be a deterrent for some people!

    • Edward
      May 7, 2012

      Hi Nicole:

      A person would tend to think that having seven people killed
      in a two vehicle head-on collision would be enough to slow the
      traffic down. Some motorists need to be using more common sense.

      I don’t understand why everything needs to be legislated to the
      ultimate rediculous extreme, to keep people’s minds on their
      driving, and keep their driving practices within their abililties.


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