Grieving mother urges Alberta to twin Highway 63 [Video]

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Grieving mother urges Alberta to twin Highway 63 [Video]

From CBC News

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A Fort McMurray mother whose son died in a New Year’s Eve crash on Highway 63 is urging the Alberta government to speed up efforts to twin the road.

Jason Lebedynski, 22, was killed while he was driving to Edmonton. Since then, his grieving mother Annie Lelievre collected 6,000 signatures on a petition.

“My son shouldn’t have had to be killed — and its all head-ons,” she told reporters at the Alberta legislature. “That’s why I’m fighting for the twinning of the highway.”

The province promised in 2006 to twin Highway 63, but progress has been slow. Dozens of people, including Lelievre’s son, have died in crashes since then. Anger peaked late last month when seven people died in a head-on collision.

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